A positive side to hell

What the hell, I’m sat here now, comfortably staring at a red candle I’ve just lit. For some unknown reason Hell, the place, pops into my mind.

Hell, Hell, Hell. I’m thinking to myself, enough times that it no longer makes sense. (You know when you think of a word so many times that it starts to sound like it doesn’t exist.)

So now, I’m contemplating Hell.

Never a positive side to Hell,

Except for the heat, 

We all know this well,

But what if hell is not the place we should loath,

What if it’s a place lost souls long to go.

A place without fear,

Without hate or mistrust,

A place to call home for those that have lost,

Losing a new life, a holding cell,

For those who did not know so well.

For there we live on,

Day in day out,

Were told what life is really all about,

And to earth we come again one day,

And spread the news of how to live, we’ll show them the way.


Sometimes Its better to say nothing, than to say something we know nothing about.

I feel a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach like something is fluttering around, so many times I have heard people talk about getting ''butterflies'' but now I understand,We’ve all been in a situation where we have just not known whay to say but still we blurt out something like “It will be ok” or “I know how you feel”

But we should not, alls we need to do is to be. Be there, be a shoulder to cry on. The face of bravery.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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