This mountain.

Here I am, I’m sat here. I’m sat here staring mindlessly at this damn mountain. Now, it’s not that I want to be here, suddenly contemplating the meaning of life at the foot of this giant. At the same time it’s not that I don’t want to be here, sat under the towering rock. I sit here, suddenly intensely in love with everything and everyone. I’m confused as hell, how in gods name has this mountain given me all these feelings.

Maybe it’s how close I am with the timeless energy coming from the old rock, a new appreciation for this piece of stone which sits annoyingly at my feet, and because of this stone, I have to drive 40 minutes instead of the 10 minutes straight through.

Because of this stone I’m appreciating how amazing love is,

For love is like climbing a mountain, you’ll trip and fall hard on the way, but when you reach the top, the feeling is magical.




A life is still a life.

For me the life of anyone is important as my own. For others it is different.

A quote from a novel “Frozen Love” That I am writing!“Another homeless woman wasting the precious time of our doctors.” His superior spat, a look of disgust etched into his ageing face.“But a life is still a life, in the end we are a

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