Sometimes Its better to say nothing, than to say something we know nothing about.

I feel a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach like something is fluttering around, so many times I have heard people talk about getting ''butterflies'' but now I understand,We’ve all been in a situation where we have just not known whay to say but still we blurt out something like “It will be ok” or “I know how you feel”

But we should not, alls we need to do is to be. Be there, be a shoulder to cry on. The face of bravery.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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Let’s talk passion!

If being passionate is a crime,then punish me.If wanting you is a sin,please send me to hell.


Passion is a strong word, it can be used in ways of love and lust. My quote, (Above) is a fiery quote, one giving up on their emotions, letting loose the love they feel.

A quote from my novel The Dark Obsession, sadly the characters didn’t know just how serious this quote will be.

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