MY Astral Projection Horror

I will soon be releasing on here an Astral Projection horror story. It is based on true nightmares and events. (Of course with a twist thats what we fiction writers do!)

I’m writing this as a way to give you an idea of what it will be about.

Floating through the night, silently, effortlessly. Never getting tired. Travelling miles and miles into what I call the blackness, though there are many ways of calling it. Like the Astral Plain and the Astral World. I call it the blackness because that is exactly what it is. It’s complete darkness, I see the dim lights of other entities sometimes. Every now and again you pass another projector.

The only time I myself have seen anything in the “Blackness” Is when I’m coming into view of where my destination is. Sometimes it is a house or a familiar place. A few times I’ve ended up in a house of an online friend when they’re in times of struggle or hardship.

Now we come into a more sensitive subject.





My childhood was quite fun, but had many hard times. One for example, which set these dreams off, was my dad leaving. My parents separated and my dad was on the streets (If you read this dad, SORRY, but it has to be told).

He lived on the streets a while, I knew he did too. For the cold winters nights I’d cry, as an 11 year old I didn’t know if he’d survive, I didn’t know what to do.

But one night changed everything.

As usual I lay in bed, tears burning clear paths down my cheeks. But this time as I drifted into an uncomfortable sleep I felt different. My body vibrating gentle from the inside to my fingertips. Instead of falling asleep in one, I felt each part of my body fall asleep. My whole body immobile but my mind awake. I felt as if I fell, which I have always described as falling literally into another realm. The dream realm.

Falling into the dark abyss I noticed an old man who lingered in my dull, red lit room. I raised out of my bed, but thought not action. And followed him through my house, every now and then passing a weird silent entity. They’d take no notice of me, as if I didn’t exist. My body shook with fear of course, but I was drawn to this man, his one eye fused shut, his face wrinkled with broken, jagged teeth. He took me out into the blackness, he took me, well we glided, to an old bridge. My dad sat under it, a sleeping bag covering his body, a little fire lighting the fast flowing river which he was staring mindlessly into.

“Go to him.” Was the first words the old man said to me.

I obeyed his orders like a puppy. I went to my dad, I put my hand on his shoulder, but he did not feel me. I told him I love him, but he didn’t hear me. A tear drops down my face, this time burning hot. The Oldman by my side within seconds.

“Your dad is fine, he asked me to find you. Do you want me to keep you safe?” He asked, Of course I nodded, I said ok. I fell into a trap which will plague me for years.

I kissed my dad lightly on his cheek, he moved his hand to where I kissed and itched. Maybe he could feel me? I’ll never know.

I flew back home, the old man gripping my hand tightly as he directed me to my bed.

“Close your eyes, you need to wake up. But remember, in this world, you’re mine.” He laughed.

I wake up in my room, his laughter still echoing, reverberating off my ear drums.

And that was a simple start to my ongoing horror. From there its gone down, from ghosts, paranormal experiences to my own fight between life and death.

Astral Projection The Series. OUT SOON. Follow my page, for updates.



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